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Thanks for visiting Spiffy Press. Please browse and send along any comments about what need for your custom design or letterpress printing project.

I started Spiffy Press in late-2008 after many years of dreaming about having a letterpress of my own. My dream came true when I found a Vandercook 219, which now resides in my garage. My car’s not too happy about it, but I’ve got my priorities.

With the letterpress I am able to realize all of the elements of design that I love: all things handmade, type (and lots of it), the proportion and balance of architecture and thought-provoking ideas. I like to chat about these topics to so please check out my blog. I am a conceptual designer, meaning I like to create designs with a deeper, double meaning or message.

I am inspired by the world around me, observing people going about their regular routine is my favorite pastime. I take my design cues from life’s details that often go unnoticed, then turn them upside down, inside out or merge unlikely combinations. I’m happiest when someone takes a second glance and stops to think about my designs. When you get that “ah ha” look on your face, I know you see something clever or smart that you didn’t see at first.

I hope you enjoy the site and Spiffy Press letterpress goods. We are constantly updating the site with new designs, I hope to see you back soon.

Take care :) Scott Wallin

PS. Many of you have asked who took my photo. Credit goes to Michael Kelley (www.michaelkelleyphotos.com), a very talented photographer and an fun guy to work with. Check out his About page to see what I mean.

Spiffy Press Pasadena Los Angeles

A California Institute of the Arts graduate, Scott has been art directing and designing for more than 20 years. He has developed brand strategies, created logos and business stationery, and designed brochures and websites for clients in the U.S. and Europe. His philosophy in life translates well to his graphic, typographic and letterpress designs — “Never stop having fun!”

Scott’s wedding invitations and business stationery have been published in The Power of Paper in Graphic Design (Rockport) for strong conceptual use of imagery and design, bold colors and playful die cuts; and Creative Edge, Letterhead + Business Card Design (North Light Books) for strong conceptual use of imagery and paper.

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