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What does your wedding invitation say about you?

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish’s wedding invitation is a success because the couple knows who they are and what they want — They know how to be themselves!

Use this list of 10 things to think about as you custom design your wedding invitation. Don’t settle for a template design anyone can use. This day is all about you!


1. Be Yourself

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsMichael Polish and Kate Bosworth knew exactly how they envisioned their wedding day. They are all about style and setting a tone for the entire event that melded with their family history.

A country chic weekend event in Montana was the perfect setting for the turn-of-the-century styled event.

They wanted an "understated elegant" invite that felt as if it could have been produced in 1880 just as easily as today.

Their letterpress invitation on double-thick 100% cotton paper stock felt vintage and modern at the same time.

See detailed photos of their wedding invitation.


2. Color

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsColor always creates an emotional response. If you can’t decide which shade to use, use them all like Katherine and Alex, a graphic designer and cinematographer.

The bride’s personal sense of fashion and the groom’s Latin American roots, meant a mismatch of vibrant colors, a la vintage Mexican party décor, was a must-have.

Read their story.



3. Mood

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsSuper formal or rockin’ fun? Whatever you do, set the mood with your invitation. It’s the first thing guests experience related to your wedding.

Mike and Lisa were high school sweethearts who are mad about Metallica. For their tenth anniversary party they created an entire invitation as a ticket to a rockin’ party.

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spiffy press kate bosworth wedding invitation


4. Format

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsWedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a small invitatioin that folds out to a poster, go for it!

Maggie and Kevin, a travel-loving duo, wanted an invitation for their wedding taking place on a yacht.

A multi-page, passport booklet prepared each guest for what to expect while attending their ceremony and reception on the seas.

Vintage maps and pages for guest photos taken at the wedding made it a keepsake for each guest.

See their invitation featured in The LA Times


5. Fonts

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsFonts are underused as a visual element..and their beautiful forms are perfectly suited for the letterpress. An eclectic mix of traditional or vintage fonts with a contemporary typeface may be all you need to stand out.

Molly and Neil, fun-loving beer aficionados, wanted a custom logo and mix of fonts that felt urban and retro for their formal vineyard-based reception.

See their invitation and complete suite of program, favors and menu


6. RSVP Postcard

An RSVP postcard is a Spiffy Press signature design element and a great way to curb printing and mailing costs.

Clients love saving on postage and printing with a unique design element that only looks expenseve.

Either a standalone or perforated postcard works just as well.


kate bosworth wedding invitation


7. Wording

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsWrite your own invitation text or edit traditional wording to make it feel more personal.

Anna and Ryan, a fashionable west coast couple, asked for a contemporary vibe for their casual, yet elegant, lake front wedding

“Oh, hell yes!” or “Damn! I can’t make it!” was the perfect little touch to remind guests this couple is passionate about the day, and expect everyone to have a memorable time.

See the couple's invitation with edge painting details


8. Graphics

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsA picture tells a thousand words. For the truly visually oriented couple, you can’t have too many pictures, like Bones and Aurora, a creative, music-loving couple.

Aurora handed over a huge stack of images she’d collected for decades and wanted as many pictures as possible in the invite: monkeys, semaphore flags, an aorta (and a whole lot more)!

Success for them meant overstuffing their invitation with images that guests would immediately recognize could only come from them.

See their panel invitation with grommet finish


9. Customize

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsCustom doesn’t have to mean expensive. Pick one detail to customize and leave a big impact!

Deborah and Thomas, a young couple that needed to stay on a budget, chose to play up a simple, one-color panel card that worked with a standard #10 envelope.

See their invitation featured on and coordinating wedding shower invite



10. Tell Your Story

kate bosworth's wedding invitation in martha stewart weddingsEvery couple’s romance is a unique story to tell. Candice and Dave decided to tell theirs throughout their invitation.

Trivia about where they went on their first date, where they had their first kiss and other fun facts were included alongside photos of their courtship.

This story helped introduce Candice and Dave to extended family members that lived out of state and wouldn’t meet the happy couple until the big day.


bosworth wedding invite by spiffy press

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